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Why Galore Lash Extensions?

Here at Galore Lash extensions we offer a very thorough and rigorous eyelash extensions course for beginner and advanced technicians to say the least . Master lash technician Chloe Olivia a 6 year veteran prides herself on her intense two day hands on live model training , yes you read correct live model training no beginner or advanced technician alike should be coursed into only receiving training on a mannequin head. Therefore Chloe has designed this advanced training to be thorough exclusive and life changing ! Our course includes a full kit to service your first 15-20 clients , in depth take home manual and certification through galore lash extensions llc.


Why Lash Extensions?
Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing services in the beauty industry, and the demand is growing more everyday. Lash extension services are unique and like no other, simply because, lashes go through a normal shedding cycle. In order for your clients to keep their lashes looking beautiful and full, they will need lash fills every 2-4 weeks. This provides a continuous clientele.

Galore Lash Certification

Galore lash extensions offers hands-on, live model training, by none other than Master Lash Artist and Galore CEO, Chloe Thomas.T his two day intensive class focuses on the practical parts of lashing, as well as lash theory. Chloe’s hands-on teaching style ensures that every student has access to receive top notch training. Chloe adamantly believes that “perfect practice makes perfect,” which is emphasized strongly during the course.

Group Training $1000

Private One-on-one Training $1500

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